Is it Worth Repairing a Window?

Windows are a vital part of your property. However, they are also a significant investment when the time comes to replace them. If you have a broken window or seals that have degraded over time, there is often the choice to either replace them with new double glazed windows or repair the issue.

For most windows, this will come down to budget and the scale of the work required.

The simple answer to the question – is it worth repairing a window, is yes. However, it depends on the circumstances. Take a look at some of the reasons why it’s worth fixing them.

A small fix is required

If your windows only require a small fix, then a repair job may suffice. There are several specialists available that can repair damaged units or refurbishment existing ones.

If you have older windows, this may be a great option to retain the character of the building without having to invest in an entire window renovation.

Repairing draughts

A significant cause of heat loss from windows is small gaps and cracks in seals. If you have older windows, this could be a case of resealing them. However, if you have new windows, the issue could be harder to fix.

Tired old windows

Double glazing panes are trickier to repair yourself and may require a professional. If you have a guarantee on your windows, be sure to check this before hiring someone to carry out the work first.

Consider how significant the repair job is

One of the main ways to decide on whether it’s worth repairing a window is if the repair job costs more than replacing the unit. It could be more cost-effective, and for most uPVC windows, it will be a straight swap to ensure it matches your other installations.

For older windows, if you have more than one that requires fixing, replacing every window could be more cost and energy-efficient in the long term.

There are some key reasons to replace windows, take a look at why below:

Broken seals

If you have broken or degraded seals, replacing them could be difficult. Some units are one-piece, which means it could be challenging to replace the seal without affecting the whole window. Some manufacturers created separate elements, which will make it easier to replace the seal in isolation.

Sealing a broken window

However, to identify which one you have can also be the tricky part. You may need professional help to do this, and if you want to repair it, knowledge of glazing and repairs is required. Consequently, it’s often easier to replace the entire unit to save time and money.

Degraded frames

For older properties, frames will probably be made from wood. However, over time, this will degrade. Window frames installed before the 1960s could also have lead-based paint on them.

Replacement windows

In older homes, lead paint is often hiding under layers of other colours, but that doesn’t mean the particulates are not released into the air. If you suspect you have windows with lead-based paint, it’s best to get a professional window installer to chat to your about replacement and installation options.

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